Common Causes Of Bronchitis

Bronchitis occurs when the lining of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed, stimulating excessive production of mucus in the airways. The bronchial tubes are important because they carry the air we breathe in from our noses and mouths to our lungs. Bronchitis frequently affects individuals of all ages and can be caused by several factors. For treating the condition, the doctor may recommend patients drink more fluid, get more rest, or purchase an air purifier, among other treatments to reduce mucus and put the body in the healthiest position possible to fight against this illness.

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Viral Infection


In many cases, individuals with bronchitis experience a viral infection before developing the illness. According to several sources, a virus is responsible for causing bronchitis in up to ninety-five percent of cases. Bronchitis may be caused by the same viral agents that contribute to the development of the flu and common cold in patients. Rhinovirus, coronavirus, influenza viruses A and C, adenovirus, and metapneumovirus are a few examples of viruses linked to bronchitis.

Symptoms indicating a viral infection include fever, sore throat, coughing, and breathing difficulties. Coughing may persist for several weeks or months, and patients have been reported to cough up white mucus, and sometimes blood, in the process.

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HealthPrep Staff