Common Causes Of Bronchitis

Air Pollution


Air pollution is yet another cause for bronchitis in patients, specifically by inhaling air polluted by chemical compounds such as nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide can be released into the air by power plants as well as transportation like cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and motorcycles. Air polluted with high levels of nitrogen dioxide is reported to have negative impacts on children’s’ lungs.

Researchers based in Stockholm conducted a study that followed 197 children between four months and four years old. These children were hospitalized because they developed wheezing from breathing difficulties, and their symptoms were linked to bronchitis.

Another study based in the Czech Republic involved the monitoring the effects of nitrogen oxide levels on 1,133 children born from May 1994 to the end of 1998. Researchers also gathered details about the lifestyle and environmental background. The study concluded levels of nitrogen oxides thought to be harmless are actually harmful to children, increasing the possibility of bronchitis.

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