Catarrh Treatment Methods

Catarrh is a condition that occurs when mucus builds up in one of the body’s cavities or airways. In most cases, it affects the sinuses, throat, or back of the nose. Oftentimes the condition is temporary, but some individuals have experienced chronic catarrh, where their symptoms persist for months or even years. Though catarrh can be annoying, it doesn’t cause harm, and many simple treatment options are available to help. Catarrh can cause a variety of symptoms throughout the face and throat. Patients may feel like their throat needs constant clearing or is blocked. Their nose may feel permanently stuffed. Patients may also have a headache, persistent cough, runny sinuses, and experience temporary hearing loss. Learn about how to treat catarrh now.

Avoiding Triggers


One of the most effective methods of symptom relief is by avoiding triggers. Many common aspects of life have the potential to trigger catarrh symptoms, such as places with high smoke and pollution levels. Individuals in areas with frequent fires may want to wear a mask. Individuals who suffer from allergies may see a reduction in their symptoms if they avoid allergens such as dust, mold, and pet dander. It helps to keep the bedroom free of pets and to vacuum frequently. Individuals should also dust the surfaces in their home regularly and make sure the bathroom is scrubbed frequently enough to prevent mold growth. If you’re aware of the factors that trigger symptoms, mitigate them as much as possible. It may help to talk to a doctor about the best way to avoid triggers in your day-to-day life.

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