Effective Methods For Treating The Mumps

Mumps is an extremely contagious viral disease caused by the mumps virus. The infection can be passed from an infected individual through nasal secretions, saliva, and close personal contact. The infection primarily targets the salivary glands known as the parotid glands, which are found on each side of your face, and they are responsible for producing saliva. The infection results in a painful swelling of the neck and face, which makes it difficult for the infected individual to eat or speak comfortably. Mumps is more common in children than in adults. If it occurs in teenage or adulthood, the infection can become extremely serious and complicated. Besides swelling on the face and neck, men can experience swelling and pain in the testicles. The virus can also affect ovaries in women. These problems may lead to infertility if they are not treated in time.
A vaccine known as MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) can help children build immunity against in the virus. Adults who have had mumps usually develop immunity against the virus naturally. Mumps, as a virus, doesn’t respond to antibiotics and other medications. Most treatment options for mumps revolve around managing the symptoms caused by the disease. Learn more about this now.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids


If an individual has been infected with mumps, they are likely to experience flu-like symptoms, including fever. The body might lose a lot of water as it fights the infection, making it essential to drink lots of clear fluids to replace the water lost through excessive sweating. Increased loss of water from the body can cause dehydration, which in extreme cases can lead to heatstroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or even a coma.

Ideally, individuals should drink up to ten glasses of water each day. But when they have a have a fever, patients will need to drink even more fluids. Drinking warm water throughout the day can ease most of the symptoms caused by mumps. During this time, individuals should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, carbonated soda, or overly sweet drinks, as they can trigger dehydration.

While most fluids can help relieve symptoms, others can make the symptoms worse, including acidic drinks such as fruit juice. The acid in these fluids can irritate the already swollen parotid glands hence causing more pain.

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