Myths And Facts About The Common Cold And Flu To Know Right Now

Colds are prevalent throughout the winter months, and many ways have been recorded to help treat and prevent a cold. However, not all methods of preventing or getting rid of a cold are fact. There are more than two hundred cold-causing viruses that result in over one billion cases of the common cold within the United States each year. Knowing what is myth or fact about the common cold may help to prevent catching it this winter. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend individuals who are over six months old to get a yearly flu vaccine to help protect against the virus.

Bust some myths now.

Myth: Vitamin C Prevents Cold Symptoms


When patients feel a common cold coming on, it is not uncommon for others to suggest increasing levels of vitamin C. However, it is known vitamin C will not cure a cold, though it may shorten the duration of the sickness. A study found the common cold's duration was reduced by eight percent in adults and thirteen percent in children. Therefore, if a patient is already suffering from the symptoms of a cold, taking vitamin C may shorten the time they are sick. But remember, it will not prevent illness.

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Rob Janes