Strategies For Preventing And Treating Kissing Bug Disease

Kissing bug disease, caused by the triatomine bug, is not well-known in the United States, but it is prevalent in Latin America. The bug usually bites its victim while they are sleeping around their face or eyes. While they are biting, they leave behind droppings, which is where the problem lies, as kissing bug disease is carried through the defecation of the insects. The symptoms of being infected with the virus are very general and vague. Many of the symptoms during the acute stage of the condition mimic mild flu symptoms, and many patients don’t think anything about it. Unfortunately, the virus stays in the individual’s system and can emerge later in life, even twenty years later. This is called the chronic stage and can bring about significant health issues, including heart problems. Get to know how to treat and prevent kissing bug disease now.



Medications used to treat the kissing bug disease include benznidazole and nifurtimox, which work to kill the infection. Individuals who suspect they may have been bitten and infected with the kissing bug disease should see a doctor right away. Blood tests can be run to see if the disease is present. If so, doctors can help treat it immediately with medication, which will ideally help patients avoid suffering from any ill effects in the future. However, if individuals do not seek treatment right away, the medication becomes quite a bit less effective. Patients who do take the necessary medication must do so for up to two months, as this helps ensure they work properly. Of course, patients have to be careful when taking the medication because there can be side effects, though these are more prevalent in seniors and individuals with weakened immune systems.

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