Symptoms Of Listeria

Listeria is a type of bacteria that naturally exists in the soil and water, and it can be dangerous to consume. Unfortunately, listeria bacteria will continue to grow even under refrigeration. It can be found in raw milk, deli meats, smoked seafood, soft cheeses, sprouts, and many other foods. Any meat, dairy, or produce product may contain listeria, and the only way to kill it is by cooking or pasteurizing the product. If you are healthy, your body might fight off the listeria without you even noticing you are sick, but individuals with weakened immune systems, such as seniors, pregnant women, and organ transplant patients, are at risk. When you have listeria, you may encounter these symptoms.

Muscle Aches And Pains


Muscle aches and pains can first show up in the days after you eat something contaminated with listeria but can take as long as a month for them to begin showing up. It often starts out as feeling slightly sore before progressing to more intense muscle aches and pains. Individuals infected with listeria typically describe this pain as being a widespread ache. It may feel like you have exercised too vigorously, and it might hurt to move around. This symptom sometimes occurs alongside sensations of stiffness in the muscles, particularly around the neck. Typically, the soreness lasts between a few days to a week. In some cases, it may linger slightly longer.

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