A Comprehensive Guide To Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Tuberous sclerosis complex is a genetic disorder in which the body produces benign tumors in various locations. Being that these tumors are noncancerous, they are not as much of a health concern when compared to other medical conditions in the same category. They are, however, problematic for those forced to live with this condition. Even without cancerous cells, these tumors can be quite dangerous and lead to other health problems. Living with TSC is difficult, but it is possible when patients receive proper treatment, and when the condition is caught in its early stages.

When Does TSC Appear?

TSC is something that often begins in infancy or early childhood; therefore, it is not typical for older children and adults to present the first signs of this genetic disorder. While uncommon, it is entirely possible for someone with a very mild form of TSC not to show any major symptoms until they are well into adulthood, which means they might not know they were born with this condition until much later. Others experience serious symptoms of TSC, so medical professionals are able to diagnose the condition right away. This genetic disorder is uncurable. However, it is manageable with the knowledge and help of a medical professional.