Conditions Of Rabies And Animals Known To Pass On Rabies

Rabies is a disease transferred from animals to humans or other animals by a bite. It is a viral disease that can lead to fatal consequences. Only mammals can contract and carry the virus, and it has never been detected in birds, fish, reptiles, nor amphibians. Primarily found in wild animals, domestic pets like cats and dogs can also sometimes be infected. Vaccines are available for pet owners to reduce the risk of their animals contracting rabies.

10. What To Do If Bitten

The bite should first be cleaned with soap and water and examined immediately by a doctor. If possible, capture the infected animal in a box so it can be tested for rabies and contact a health department to report the incident. A doctor will likely start a post-exposure treatment of immunoglobulin and regular vaccine injections. Antibodies will come into effect to fight the virus and must be administered prior to the onset of symptoms.