Noticeable Signs Of Flat Feet

Flat feet is a medical condition in which the individual's feet have no (or a very minimal) arches, making their feet appear flat. When they stand, the sole of the foot will touch the floor. This condition is common and tends to be painless. It sometimes occurs if the foot's arches don't have normal development during childhood. Flat feet can also occur as an individual ages and their feet naturally experience wear and tear. In some cases, flat feet don't develop until after a person has sustained an injury. Though the condition is painless on its own, it tends to contribute to knee and ankle problems due to a change in the legs' alignment. For individuals who do not experience pain due to flat feet, no treatment is necessary.

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Back And Leg Pain


If an individual has flat feet that require medical treatment, one of the first potential symptoms is back and leg pain. It should be noted, however, there are hundreds of conditions that can cause pain in the back and legs. Patients will typically know if they have flat feet and that this could be the cause of their pain, because their entire sole will touch the ground when standing. If this doesn't happen, patients might want to investigate other potential causes of back or leg pain. Flat feet might contribute to problems with the ankle or knee as well. They may also cause back pain because of alterations to posture. A flat variation in foot type tends to be normal. Sometimes, children will experience a flexible flat foot. When the child stands on tiptoes or sits, the arch can be seen, but when the child stands, the arch disappears.

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HealthPrep Staff