Guide To Recovering From A Fractured Ankle

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries, and their incidence rate is increasing both with the increased activity level of baby boomers as well as the competitive aspect of sports. Easy twisting motions, with the body going one way and the foot and ankle turning the opposite way, and direct trauma such as steep falls or car accidents, are the primary ways an ankle is injured. Ankle fractures occur when one of three bones that comprise the ankle crack or fail, allowing a disruption in bone. The ankle joint is formed by the two lower leg bones, the tibia and fibula, and the foot bone that sits between them, the talus. Learn how to recover from a fractured ankle now.

Keep The Ankle Elevated


First and foremost, patients should keep the ankle elevated above their heart, as this will decrease both swelling and pain. The leg primarily relies on the pumping action of the leg muscles to return blood to the heart. When an individual isn’t walking properly, or not at all, this process stops. Blood is then allowed to pool in the leg along the lines of gravity. This pooling of blood slows healing, increases pain, and increases the risk of complications such as blood clots. Proper circulation optimizes healing by enabling the influx of necessary oxygen and nutrients to assist in the injury repair.

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