How To Spot Hammertoe

Hammertoe is a type of deformity that occurs when the toe curls or bends downward rather than pointing in a forward direction. Any toe on the foot might be affected by this deformity, though it does tend to occur most often on the third or second toe. Sometimes hammertoe is a condition present when an individual is born. It’s more common, however, for the condition to develop over time because of ill-fitting shoes or arthritis. Hammertoe is usually a treatable condition. If you think you have a hammertoe, get in contact with a doctor. They may refer you to a foot specialist like a podiatrist or orthopedist specializing in feet. There are many symptoms and signs of hammertoe to look out for. Here they are now.

Difficulty Moving The Toe


Patients with hammertoe might experience difficulty moving the toe, and it may also be painful to move the toe. This difficulty occurs because the toe is bending in a direction it shouldn’t be, so an individual’s range of motion is limited. Certain shoes can often cause hammertoe. Individuals who wear high heels or shoes with a very tight toe box may have their big toe pushed into the second toe, which can cause it to curl downward. Trauma might also cause hammertoe, as a broken toe might develop hammertoe if it heals wrong. Patients may also develop hammertoe if their toe muscles are abnormally balanced. This causes a contraction of the toe since weight isn’t evenly distributed.

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