Lifestyle Tips To Manage Dyskinesia

Dyskinesia is an uncontrollable and abnormal movement that is often associated with Parkinson's disease. It is caused by the long-term use of levodopa, which is a significant prescription medication that Parkinson's disease patients take. However, not everyone who uses levodopa experiences this condition. The movements in this condition can appear like a fluid dance, though they can also be rapid and jerking. Some individuals claim that these movements resemble tics and chorea. They are very distressing when experienced. However, its severity varies with the patient. Extreme cases can result in exhaustion and fatigue, while mild ones can be challenging to notice. 

Many patients will have their dose of levodopa for Parkinson's disease adjusted as a dyskinesia treatment. Another option is to take medication for dyskinesia. Patients with severe symptoms may need to have deep brain stimulation for dyskinesia. However, every patient will likely need to employ natural remedies for dyskinesia as well.

Practice Stress Management


Since stress worsens dyskinesia, patients are typically advised to practice stress management.  Patients need to equip themselves with strategies to control their reactions to stress, including anger and frustration. These strategies can include deep breathing techniques and spending time with friends and family. Individuals should also try to maintain a healthy diet and stay surrounded by optimistic individuals. 

Staying calm should be part of their day-to-day activity since it will significantly enhance their flexibility and stability. Individuals may also want to listen to music, get sufficient rest, read a book, or implement other techniques that calm them down. Patients who are in doubt can consult their doctor for advice.

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HealthPrep Staff