The Signs Of Mononucleosis



Also known as a high temperature, a fever is not an illness on its own. Usually, it presents as a symptom indicating something else is wrong in the body, usually an infection. Physical discomfort usually accompanies high temperature, with most patients feeling back to normal once their internal temperature goes back to normal. However, depending on the patient’s age, how healthy they are, and what exactly is causing their high temperature, such as mononucleosis, they may require additional medical treatment beyond alleviating the temperature’s discomfort.

A high temperature is the body’s natural defense against infection. However, there are other causes beyond mono and infectious illnesses that can cause this condition. A high temperature on its own is not a dangerous condition, but hyperthermia can greatly worsen the effects. This could be due to a severe temperature-related injury like heat stroke, a stroke, or the side effects of medications. If hyperthermia and not mono is to blame, the body will not be able to maintain its temperature at all.

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