Signs Of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Difficulty Beginning To Urinate


Urine flows from the bladder and through the urethra. As the prostate becomes enlarged, it pinches the urethra and narrows the opening. This forces the bladder to contract with more force to push urine through the urethra. For most men, difficulty beginning to urinate is one of the first signs of benign prostate hyperplasia. A hesitant urine stream may also be weak and get interrupted. Once you are done urinating, you may experience dribbling or urinary leakage.

This urine hesitancy often develops slowly as BPH progresses. Some men don’t notice it at all until they are unable to urinate at all, a condition called urinary retention, which can lead to a swollen bladder and discomfort. Difficulty initiating a urine flow can also be the result of a urinary infection, including prostatitis.

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