The Best Tips For Clearing Brain Fog

Mental health does not get the attention and care that it requires because of life’s endless distractions and daily stress factors. However, spending time on mental health is vital and the most efficient way to feel centered and less anxious about what may be happening in one’s life. Plus, if not dealt with, anxiety and stress have been shown to cause inflammation, which is the cause of many diseases. The best activities to help with stress can be meditation, mindful walking, drawing or reading— anything that quiets the mind. Here we have put together the top ways to clear the mind, combining science and pleasure in a way that makes accessing the peaceful mind more fascinating.

Cat/Cow Pose

This simple yoga pose is one of the most recommended to eliminate brain fog and fatigue—two of the most common symptoms of thyroid disorders and hormone imbalances. The movement of cat/cow is known as spinal flexion and increases the circulation of the spinal fluid. Dedicating time in the morning to practice this exercise will contribute to greater mental clarity due to all twenty-six vertebrae receiving stimulation resulting in all the body’s energy centers getting a boost of energy.