Tips For Managing Febrile Seizures

Febrile seizures are seizures young children, typically between six months and five years old, experience because of a high fever. Even if the child has more than one seizure, it does not necessarily mean they will develop epilepsy. It is scary when a child suffers from a febrile seizure. It could be the first time they have one and you do not know what to do. They could have had one before and you are always waiting for another one to come. And, even scarier, you are afraid it will develop into epilepsy. But here are some things to be aware of if you have small children and the chance exists that they may suffer from a febrile seizure.

Place Patient In The Recovery Position

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Knowing how to place a seizure patient in the recovery position is important. This position is used for various seizures and should be done after the seizure has stopped. It is important to get the child laying on their side with their top leg laying over the bottom, so they are laying on their side with one arm slightly outstretched and the other on the side of their face touching the ground. Make sure their head is tilted back slightly, as this allows any fluid or contents to drain from their mouth and opens their airway to breathe easier. Getting an unconscious child into this position is important and should not be understated. You do not want them to aspirate vomit or fluids, and this position will help prevent that from happening. Knowing this position can be helpful in various situations.

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