Ways To Treat And Prevent Gangrene

Gangrene is a medical condition where the body loses its blood supply, and as a result, body tissues die off. The loss of blood can be caused by infection, injury or a hidden health issue. Having an adequate amount of blood circulating in the body is critical in many ways. Blood transports oxygen and other essential nutrients throughout the body to nourish the cells. If the body does not get an adequate amount of blood needed, cells are prone to infections and can start to die. Gangrene can be treated and prevented in several ways. Get to know these methods now.

Oxygen Therapy


Arteries carry blood rich in oxygen to tissue throughout the body. This blood then feeds all cells and keeps them strong and healthy. Some diseases adversely affect blood distribution, and as a result, cells in certain parts of the body do not get enough nutrients. For instance, individuals with diabetes often suffer from neuropathy in the feet and legs, because they suffer from poor blood circulation and the blood does not reach the feet. This can make injuries afflicted there hard to heal and susceptible to infection. If left neglected, gangrene may develop.

Oxygen therapy is a procedure individuals can use to treat gangrene. This therapy exposes patients to three times the amount of normal oxygen pressure found air outdoors. The increased exposure allows the body to absorb the much-needed oxygen to give the cells more sustenance. This type of therapy delivers an abundance of oxygen to saturate the body's blood supply and promote the healing of any damaged or dying tissue.

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HealthPrep Staff