How To Effectively Treat Pseudotumor Cerebri

Pseudotumor cerebri happens when intracranial pressure, the pressure inside your brain, increases for no apparent reason. The symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri resemble those of a brain tumor, but no tumor exists. Pseudotumor cerebri most frequently occurs in overweight women of childbearing age. The symptoms of this disorder may also occur in children and adults. When doctors can’t find a cause for this pressure, it might even be referred to as idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

One of the most telling symptoms is an individual can experience swelling in the optic nerve. Some patients with pseudotumor cerebri lose some of their vision. Medication may reduce intracranial pressure, or surgery may be necessary. The symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri include ringing in the ears that pulses with the heartbeat, significant headaches that worsen with moving the eyes, blurred vision, and temporary blindness. No one knows what the exact cause this disorder is, but it may have a link to an excess amount of spinal fluid in the cerebrum in a person’s skull.

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Lose Excess Weight


Being obese has been associated with pseudotumor cerebri. Though this condition only occurs in one or two individuals per hundred thousand, overweight women tend to develop the condition at a rate of about four to twenty-one per hundred thousand. Also, women under forty-four are more prone to the disorder. If an individual is overweight, and especially if the obese individual is a young woman, being overweight dramatically increases the chances of developing pseudotumor celebri. One of the best actions any individual can take to prevent pseudotumor celebri and a plethora of other health problems is to lose weight or to remain at a healthy weight. Even individuals who aren’t clinically obese may have an added risk of this disorder. Losing weight is the proper treatment for pseudotumor celebri that will also help an individual feel better in general. To lose excess weight, eat healthy foods, reduce your consumption of fat and sugar, and get more exercise.

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