Treatment And Prevention Of Harmful Algal Bloom Illnesses

Harmful algal bloom illnesses (HAB) occurs when there is accelerated development of algae in its surrounding environment. Algae are plant-like organisms that can be single-celled or multi-celled. An algal bloom is found on the water’s surface and often looks like foam or scum and can be different colors. Harmful algal blooms fester in warm weather and is found in bodies of fresh and marine water. Algal bloom becomes harmful when there is an abundance of cyanobacteria and microalgae present. There are several ways individuals can treat and prevent these illnesses. Get to know them now.

Wash Off Immediately After Contact


The toxins of harmful algal blooms are detrimental to individuals and animals. Exposure to this type of algae can affect the body in several ways. If skin contact is made with contaminated water, the skin may become itchy and irritated. Uncomfortable rashes can also develop. If skin comes in contact with the harmful algal bloom, it needs to be washed off immediately after contact. Pets, like dogs, can also get sick if their fur is exposed to harmful algal blooms and they lick their fur. It is important to rinse off the pet with clean, fresh water to avoid potential exposure and risk. Seek medical treatment right away if symptoms worsen.

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