Treatment And Prevention Options For Cauliflower Ear

The cartilage that makes up the human ear is vulnerable to damage via a direct blow or impact, by rubbing, or by a high piercing. If fluid pools in this area, the swelling may cut off blood flow to the cartilage and lead to permanent deformity of the ear or even hearing loss. Proper and immediate first aid applied to damaged tissue is critical, as is follow-up medical care. The sooner individuals act to treat the swelling, the lower the risk of cauliflower ear, an ear deformity due to trauma, becomes. Below are numerous steps to prevent and treat long-term damage caused by cauliflower ear.

Trauma Prevention


No matter the sport, proper headgear is crucial for successful trauma prevention and thus, the prevention of cauliflower ear. Parents supporting children during contact sports need to be aware investing in a properly fitting helmet is crucial, as cauliflower ear can be caused by a poorly fitting helmet rubbing against ear tissue as well.

Make sure any sports participant at risk of ear damage caused by a direct blow, such as baseball or football, has properly fitting headgear that doesn't rub excessively when they remove the helmet. Wrestlers in particular need proper headgear to reduce the risk of damage caused by rubbing or friction.

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HealthPrep Staff