Ways To Treat Encephalitis

Encephalitis occurs when the brain becomes inflamed. There are multiple potential causes, although the most common is a viral infection. Treatment can vary depending on the cause of the inflammation. In many cases, encephalitis only causes mild symptoms. The condition can also result in confusion, sensory issues, problems with movement, and seizures. Each patient is affected differently by encephalitis. There are rare cases in which this condition becomes life-threatening. It's important for individuals to see a doctor right away if they're experiencing severe symptoms, since timely treatment makes a huge difference. When young children or infants have symptoms of encephalitis, they should be given urgent care.

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Drink Lots Of Clear Fluids


When a person has mild encephalitis, it's important to drink lots of clear fluids. The mild symptoms tend to be similar to the flu, including fever, headache, muscle aches, and fatigue. As with the flu, staying hydrated is a priority. Many individuals don't drink enough water each day. Water is necessary for digestive health, since the bowel needs water to function properly. Water also helps individuals sweat and remove waste from the body. Water is also necessary for maintaining blood pressure and keeping airways healthy. Since nutrients and minerals dissolve in water, it's essential for patients to drink fluids when they're recovering from an illness like encephalitis. In addition, the kidneys regulate the body's fluids and filter them. For the kidneys to work properly, they need to be cleaned with water.

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Katherine MacAulay