What Is Somatic Symptom Disorder?

Symptoms of SSD

Symptoms of SSD range based on the individual, but often include shortness of breath, pain, fatigue, weakness, or intensified symptoms of a pre-existing disease (e.g., heart disease). However, the symptoms may also have no discernable link to another medical condition. Patients with SSD also exhibit obsessive thoughts, feelings, and even actions regarding the symptoms. These can cause other significant issues and make it difficult to function. The obsessive thoughts, feelings, and actions when related to SSD include excessive worry about potential illnesses, mistaking normal physical sensations for symptoms of devastating illnesses, health care visits not relieving medical concerns, and constantly visiting a health care facility for checkups. The patient may also experience unusual sensitivity to medical treatment and repeatedly check their body for physical abnormalities.

The intensity of these symptoms vary from mild to severe, once again based on the individual who may have SSD. There may also be just one symptom or multiple symptoms, and these may also vary over time.

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