Hidden Savings Secrets Retailers Would Rather Keep Wrapped: Top 20 Shopping Deals You Don't Want To Miss Out On

March 14, 2024

Seasonal sales are the most anticipated events in any retail calendar, yet some shoppers might be missing out on their true potential. Retailers often announce their seasonal sales very prominently to lure customers into their virtual or physical stores. However, they may not always reveal how far in advance inventory clearance begins. For the savvy shopper, the trick is to anticipate these sales seasons and start shopping well before the main event. You might be surprised at the rate of discounts available.

Retailers also offer additional discounts if you shop during non-peak hours of the day or the week. Normally, weekdays and early morning or late evening hours can get you better deals than rush hours. To summarize, keep an eye on seasonal sales, begin your shopping well in advance, and choose non-peak hours. It’s a secret retailers don't want you to know!

Make Use of Discounted Gift Cards

You might have noticed discounted gift cards offered by many retailers. It's a trick to drive up sales, but it's also an opportunity shoppers can grab. If you plan to make a significant purchase from a store, consider purchasing a discounted gift card first. Basically, you're buying money at a lower price, which essentially translates into instant savings.

Online platforms like Raise and Gift Card Granny offer gift cards from several retailers at competitive rates. From electronics dealers to food establishments, these discounted cards cover a wide range of stores and can provide substantial savings.

Leverage Price Match Guarantees

Big retailers often offer a price match guarantee, allowing them to meet or beat a competitor's price. However, this is an offer most consumers forget to explore. Remember, stores don't advertise this, but it's your right as a consumer to ask for it.

Before making a purchase, especially a big one, research prices across multiple platforms. If you find a lower price than what is being offered at your preferred store, use the proof to negotiate a price match with them. Be persistent and don’t be afraid to speak up.

Return and Rebate Policies Explored

Retailers often have return and rebate policies that shoppers can use to their advantage. In the case of price drops, some stores offer price adjustments within a certain period of purchase. Essentially, if you buy something and it goes on sale soon after, you may be able to get a refund for the difference.

Similarly, many stores have rebate policies. These involve you paying the full price upfront, but being entitled to receive a rebate cheque after the sale. It might feel like extra work, but can significantly lower your net spending.

Make Couponing Your Best Friend

Clipping coupons, though a traditional method of saving, remains effective even in the current retail landscape. The trick is to combine coupons with sales for maximum benefit. Remember, every little bit of saving adds up!

Sign up for newsletters and become a part of loyalty programs. These will give you access to kickbacks and information about sales, along with exclusive coupons. Sift through these to find the ones that apply to you. Embrace couponing with open arms and smirk as you save.

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