Tips On How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting And Get The Results You Really Want

Yo-yo dieting – also commonly called weight cycling – refers to repeated cycles of weight loss and weight gain due to going on and off different diets. Some might believe the weight gain or loss must be in significant increments like fifty pounds, but yo-yo dieting can also apply when it is between five to ten pounds. The weight cycles themselves vary, but they are usually shorter periods such as within a month or two. Yo-yo dieting puts a significant amount of strain on the body. Curious about the effects and how to achieve lasting change? Dive in now:

Increased Risk Of Weight Gain

Yes, yo-yo dieting can put individuals at an increased risk of gaining more weight. This often comes down to shocking the body with the cycles of dieting and stopping the diet, particularly since the body can gain weight a lot quicker than it can lose it. It is also important to note the diets associated with yo-yo dieting are usually considered ‘crash diets,’ which are the restrictive diets unsuitable for long periods. These crash diets result in increased appetite, creating a larger backswing when the diet is over, making the weight come back faster than most think. To curb appetite, avoid significant weight gain and larger backswings, instead look to portion control and more frequent small meals throughout the day.

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