How To Quickly Treat Head Lice

Whether you are seeking information for yourself or somebody else, it is almost certain that you are aware of the fact head lice are rather difficult to treat. Not only do you have to eradicate the living bugs, but the nits (eggs) as well. Additionally, the focus cannot only be on the head and hair of the person the lice or nits were discovered. Although they cannot survive there for long, lice can travel to clothing, bedding, and most fabric surfaces. Thus, many items will need to be treated in addition to those who have found head lice on their person. Following proper protocol will ensure delousing goes as smoothly as possible and treats the infestation. Thankfully, there are a few effective treatment options.



There are many different medications available for treating head lice, and they can be obtained over the counter or through a prescription from a medical professional. These products are designed to kill lice and their nits, so it is important to distinguish exactly what the product you are using is intended for. Typically, a patient would begin with over the counter medication. Treatment options can contain pesticides (piperonyl butoxide with pyrethrins or permethrin lotion) or be pesticide free (dimethicone). Likewise, within the options of medication, there are shampoos, lotions, and rinses. If an over-the-counter product has been properly used and the problem persists, contact a medical professional, as they will be able to prescribe a more aggressive medicinal treatment.

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