Ways In Which Patchouli Oil Benefits Health

Patchouli oil is derived from the Labiatae family of plants, which includes lavender, mint, and sage. The herb is grown on a bush in a variety of regions in Asia, and now it is used widely throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, the Philippines, and Thailand.
Patchouli oil has a number of health benefits and it is even used in the beauty industry. It also has a warm, sensuous scent associated with the hippy generation, largely because using patchouli oil became prominent in the States throughout the sixties.

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Reduces Pain and Inflammation


One of the biggest benefits of patchouli oil is how it reduces pain and inflammation. It has antiphlogistic properties, which means it is able to reduce inflammation and irritation in the body. The properties occur when the plant contains an anti-inflammatory in their natural state. They are often used in pharmaceuticals. Inflammation is often the root cause of a number of different diseases like gout and arthritis, and it is a natural response to an infection or injury as it is a vital part of the immune system. However, when inflammation is chronic, it can lead to serious side effects. Inflammation is linked to heart disease and stroke. Using patchouli oil reduces the inflammation in the body, both inside and out. It reduces the impact of internal inflammation issues like arthritis, but it can also be used to reduce irritation and inflammation on the skin.

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HealthPrep Staff