10 Tips to Reduce Clinical Depression Right Now

When depression strikes, it can feel like the world is against you, that no one understands. Depression can happen at any time of life and often occurs following a stressful period in life, even joyful ones like the birth of a child, or a marriage. Whenever depression happens, it is important to acknowledge that you are experiencing it and to get help. Here are ten tips that can help reduce clinical depression right away.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed. Problems stem from denying feelings and repressing them to please others or look good to them. Acknowledge the way that you feel. Be honest with yourself, and with others (but be gentle too). Do not dwell on the bad stuff, but by all means, do not ignore it either. It is important to give voice to what you are feeling, as speaking your truth empowers you and breaks the cycle of isolation and depression.