Are These Bad Habits Making You Moody, Anxious & Depressed?

If you are doing everything correctly, eating a well-balanced diet, getting sufficient exercise and sleep, and generally making good lifestyle choices, but for some strange reason cannot shake off persistent feelings of moodiness, anxiety, and depression, it may be caused by some fairly innocent habits. While you can blame it on genetics, the fact is you may simply have some bad habits you have never taken notice of, which might be the underlying issue. Habits can be insidious and the following are some of the ones to take note of.

Drinking An Excessive Amount Of Caffeine


Caffeine in beverages releases adrenaline and produces hyperarousal. Caffeine has health benefits but it is also easy to build up a tolerance to it, and caffeine withdrawal will leave you feeling irritable and sluggish. Too much coffee can leave you in a state of hyperarousal and feeling the side effects of caffeine such as jitteriness and anxiety after a cup of coffee. Caffeine also raises an individual’s heart rate and causes them to have sensations of nervousness and agitation. Individuals who are already prone to anxiety, coffee can greatly provoke its negative effects, and can even cause sweaty palms, a pounding heart, ringing in the ears, and possibly a full-blown panic attack.