What Causes Brittle Diabetes?

In normal cases, diabetes is a disease that can be relatively easy to control provided the patient takes their condition seriously. However, there is a condition called brittle diabetes, which is much more difficult to control. This subset of diabetes is characterized by a pattern of unpredictable glucose swings that can lead to some serious health issues and even hospitalization if not managed correctly. In this day and age, brittle diabetes has become much less common simply because medical professionals have a better understanding of how to manage regular diabetes. However, due to various factors, there is still a potential someone could have the misfortune of being diagnosed with brittle diabetes.

Here are some causes of brittle diabetes patients should be aware of.


Gastroparesis can ultimately lead to brittle diabetes if it isn’t held in check. It can be defined as a condition where food will remain in the stomach for much longer than normal. Moreover, it can manifest itself in two different types: idiopathic and diabetic. In the idiopathic version of gastroparesis, the main cause of it is not readily known, but the lengthened amount of time food remains in the stomach leads to inadequate grinding. In diabetic gastroparesis, the vagus nerve can often get damaged after years of unchecked glucose levels. Unpredictable digestion is a mainstay in this condition, and this can lead to fluctuations in glucose levels. If gastroparesis is left untreated for a lengthy period, brittle diabetes can definitely occur.

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HealthPrep Staff