Components Of A Diabetic Diet

Diet can play an essential role in managing diabetes, both for individuals who were recently diagnosed as well as those looking to lower their blood sugar. It is commonly known that refined and processed foods are high in sugar should be avoided or their consumption reduced by diabetes patients. Carbohydrates can also raise blood sugar, and it is now becoming apparent that diets high in fat can also negatively impact the health of diabetes patients, so it is important to look at all aspects of diet when eating to keep diabetes under control. With this in mind, get familiar with the components of a diabetic diet now.

Meals At Regular Intervals


It is highly recommended for individuals with diabetes to eat their meals at regular intervals. This can help prevent a roller coaster of rising and dropping blood glucose levels throughout the day. When individuals eat healthy meals fairly evenly spaced apart, their body can better maintain blood glucose control. Individuals may also find any diabetes medications they are taking will work much better when they eat on a regular basis. Some individuals find it difficult to eat three regular-sized meals a day. If this is the case, patients can speak with their medical provider or dietitian to see if eating five or six smaller meals a day would work better.

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HealthPrep Staff