Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar symptoms come in stages and can develop slowly. For individuals in the early stage of diabetes and have not yet been diagnosed, symptoms of high blood sugar can be the indicators that force them to seek medical treatment. By addressing the early symptoms, patients can stave off the dangerous long-term health conditions caused by poorly managed diabetes. All of the symptoms of high blood sugar are signs the body is trying to compensate for the elevated levels of glucose in the blood.

Increased Thirst

If blood sugar gets above 160, patients may find they suffer from increased thirst. Their mouth may be constantly dry, leaving behind a bitter or unpleasant taste. If they have diabetes and suffer from dry mouth, they check their blood sugar as well as for the presence of ketones in their urine.

Ketones are the toxic acids left in the body when muscles go into starvation mode. If a patient develops both a high level of ketones and high blood sugar, they may be headed for a diabetic coma caused by a condition known as ketoacidosis. This condition is more commonly found in those with type 1 diabetes.

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HealthPrep Staff