Raising A Child With Down Syndrome

Just about every parent of a child who has Down syndrome has cited the moment they found out their child’s diagnosis, whether it was before their birth or during the first few years of life, as a defining moment, they will never forget.

For those who may not be aware, Down syndrome is a congenital condition in which a child is born with an extra chromosome, specifically chromosome 21. This extra chromosome alters the child’s development and results in the characteristic physical features of Down syndrome, such as low muscle tone, upward eye slant, and small stature. However, it is crucial to understand every child diagnosed with Down syndrome is different, just as every child, in general, is different.

With this in mind, however, parents of children with Down syndrome can expect to have certain challenges and shifts in their lives beyond what parents of children without special needs might require. Start reading to learn about information parents of children with Down syndrome may want to know and understand about raising their beautiful child.

Learn The Facts About Down Syndrome


Although there is an overall understanding of what Down syndrome is, there are many common misconceptions about this condition, including about the abilities of those who have it. This makes it crucial for parents of children with Down syndrome to learn all the facts about the condition, so they are informed and cast away any previous misconceptions. For instance, some may believe individuals with Down syndrome will not be able to live the same sort of life as someone without special needs, such as having a steady job. But this is far from reality! Although there may be more challenges in some cases, there is no reason why a child with Down syndrome cannot live a full life.

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