Why It Is So Important To Store Cord Blood

Perinatal stem cells found in the placenta, amniotic fluid, cord tissue, and cord blood are non-controversial. They have no ethical, moral, religious, or political issues. Cord blood can be used the same ways bone marrow is used. This blood can be used to establish and rebuild a new healthy immune system. Pregnant women need information on the benefits of cord blood to know and understand the importance of storing it. The following are seven benefits of the importance of storing cord blood:

No Reason Not To

There is no reason, medical or otherwise, why people should not store their baby’s cord blood. The most common reasons for storing cord blood include protecting a family’s future medical health, treating a sibling with a medical condition, and peace of mind as many diseases can be cured by cord blood applications. Additionally, there are promising discoveries of future potential uses of the blood made almost daily. This means the value of saving cord blood is vast. Storing this blood in a reputable private or public bank is highly recommended. Expectant couples who feel they do not need it may also donate to a public bank to help those who may need it.