11 Reasons Why Drinking Almond Milk Can Make Your Life Healthier And Easier

Healthy plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk are growing in popularity, with almond milk being one of the most commonly purchased dairy-free milks. Almond milk is a tasty alternative for vegans or anyone suffering from dairy allergies. Cow’s milk does provide more protein and calcium per cup. However, adding almond milk to a healthy diet has a number of benefits. Here are eleven reasons why drinking almond milk can make life healthier and easier.

Helps With Weight Management

Although almonds are made up of fifty percent fat and are high in calories, almond milk contains fewer calories than cow’s milk and goat’s milk do because it is diluted with water. On average, one cup of almond milk contains 60 calories, one cup of whole milk contains 146 calories, two percent milk contains 122 calories, one percent milk contains 102 calories, and skim milk contains 86 calories. Substituting almond milk for cow’s milk can facilitate weight loss by keeping daily calorie consumption low. Many commercial brands of almond milk contain added sugar and syrups, so be sure to read nutrition labels and look for unsweetened versions without many additives.