Does Couples Therapy Work?

Couples therapy is becoming increasingly popular as people are starting to do away with the societal stigma that often comes with going to therapy. According to a study, about seventy percent of couples have issues that are not resolved, and this is the reason why some couples are choosing to get help from an unbiased third party. Going to therapy can also help couples discuss their issues in a way that brings about more understanding and clarity. A therapist can encourage and teach couples how to be truthful about their thoughts and feelings in a way that can produce a resolution. Many couples also choose therapy because they know subconsciously that they will have better self-control when talking about their issues if they are in front of a professional.

What Is Couples Therapy?


Couples therapy is the process of assisting couples with specific issues through healthy communication. Couples also explore their expectations for their relationship and each person within the couple can use therapy as a safe place to express their fears, concerns, and points of contention within the relationship.

Counseling can also remind couples of the character traits they admire about each other and the reason(s) they fell in love. A number of exercises are used in couples therapy, including writing thoughts and feelings down, playing games or using art as a form of expression and doing things outside of the counseling office to encourage intimacy, such as going on dates or making things more exciting in the bedroom.

Keep reading to learn how effective this form of therapy can be for a struggling couple.