Potential Side Effects Of Donating Plasma

Plasma is the part of blood that still remains once white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets have been fully removed. Plasma makes up around fifty-five percent of the components found in blood. Within plasma is a variety of substances like antibodies, water, proteins, salts, and enzymes. Plasma is a very important aspect of the body that performs a wide range of essential functions, which include fighting against certain diseases and clotting the blood so healing can occur. Donating plasma is basically the same as donating blood. The standard blood donation procedure will occur, after which the plasma will be separated from the rest of the blood so it can be used in the treatment of numerous conditions and diseases, including hemophilia and primary immunodeficiency. While donating plasma is typically a very safe and beneficial process, there are a variety of side effects that may occur.

Fatigue Or Drowsiness


Many individuals who donate plasma will experience fatigue or drowsiness afterward. Fatigue is a relatively normal feeling that can occur for a myriad of reasons. Because of how common this side effect is, being fatigued after donating plasma doesn’t automatically mean it occurred because of the donation. Fatigue will naturally occur when the body doesn’t have the salts and nutrients it requires to function properly. If individuals recently had a busy schedule that has caused them to work long hours, it’s likely they will be overtired. However, feelings of fatigue are different than merely being overtired, the latter of which is temporary and should dissipate in a day or two. On the other hand, fatigue lasts for a lengthy period and doesn’t abate by resting or sleeping. Individuals will feel weary almost constantly, which can cause a reduction in energy and concentration. Fatigue due to a plasma donation is likely to only be a mild form. Drowsiness is very similar to fatigue and will cause individuals to feel sleepy throughout the day.

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