What Causes Nightmares?

A nightmare is a frightening, realistic dream that can awaken you or linger in your thoughts long after you have woken up for the day. Nightmares can produce anxiety or heart-pounding fear, and even start at a very young age and continue throughout an individual’s life. Nightmares are usually experienced during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which takes place in the early morning hours. REM sleep is characterized by an increase in body movements and vivid dreams. Many individuals have recurring nightmares of the same experience or event, especially if they have gone through traumatic experiences or events. Common nightmares experienced across cultures include losing teeth, falling from a high place, and moving in slow motion while being chased by a monster or other form of danger. Get to know what causes nightmares now.

Late Night Snacks


Indulging in late night snacks like junk food can increase the occurrence of nightmares. Sugary snacks like candy bars, ice cream, and cake as well as spicy foods can cause digestive issues and disrupt sleep. The consumption of sugary snacks or spicy foods can speed up your metabolism and brain activity, which can increase the length of time when dreams and nightmares can take place. Many studies have been able to link these types of food to an increase in the occurrence of nightmares. Individuals who love late night snacks or eat close to bedtime should refrain from doing so if it’s causing disturbing nightmares

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