9 Tips For Keeping Your Eyes Healthy And Fighting Chronic Dry Eyes

Eyesight is arguably the most important human sense; this is because the most significant part of the information that is received from the outer world is processed through the eyes. Despite the importance of having them at their best performance, most people are neglecting the health of their eyes. The eyeballs, like all organs in the body, need a few simple things to ensure their wellbeing. Taking care of one's eyes can help maintain their good health and improve their performance. Here are a few tips that are proven to help to retain and enhance one's vision.

Throw Out Old Makeup

Germs and bacteria like to settle in cosmetic products over time and can irritate the eyes when the two come into contact with one another. Old makeup – especially products that are in direct contact with eyes such as mascara, eyeshadows, and eyeliners – are best discarded when they exceed their expiration date. Bacterial conjunctivitis, or bacterial infection, is the most common eye problem in medicine, and one of its primary culprits is poor hygiene and usage of old cosmetic products. It is advisable to discard eye makeup every three months. This is especially relevant for the mascara, as particles from it often end up in the eyes. Smelling mascara is the best way to test its age, as an old mascara will have a fishy smell to it.