What Causes A Broken Blood Vessel In The Eye?

A broken blood vessel within the eye is referred to as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This condition develops when a small blood vessel breaks below the conjunctiva, which is the clear portion of the eye. This condition could be caused by any number of issues, which can make it difficult to prevent. The symptoms of a ruptured blood vessel are typically mild at the beginning, which means it's likely individuals won't notice the broken blood vessel until they look in the mirror. The affected area will be bright red in color, which means blood is trapped under the surface. It's important to understand these broken blood vessels typically occur without any additional damage to the eye, which means the condition shouldn't be too harmful. In most cases, patients won't need to obtain treatment. This hemorrhage should dissipate entirely within a couple of weeks. During that time, the patient's vision should remain normal.

In any case, it's important to know what can cause a broken blood vessel in the eye so it can be avoided.

Rubbing The Eye


While the causes of a ruptured blood vessel in the eye are not always clear, there are a few causes that might have brought about this condition, one of which involves rubbing the eye. Individuals tend to rub their eyes when they're tired or when their eye itches. Many individuals with contacts will rub their eyes when they become irritated. No matter the reason, roughly rubbing the eye may cause a broken blood vessel. When individuals rub their eye, there are an array of things that happen, some of which are positive. For one, stimulation of the eyes occurs, which means tears will be produced. These tears help lubricate dry eyes and may be able to get rid of irritants like dust. This action can also help relieve stress and slow down one's overall heart rate. However, there are also several damaging things that can happen when individuals rub their eyes, the primary of which is a broken blood vessel. When these blood vessels break, the eyes will appear to be blood-shot. The hands are also covered with germs, which can be transferred to the eye and heighten the risk infection. The possibility of developing this condition is much more likely for individuals who suffer from pre-existing conditions in the eye.

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