How To Treat Eye Strain And Tired Eyes

Our eyes are one of our most frequently used yet often abused organs. If not highly regarded, over time, our eyes can become sore and irritated, develop a heightened sensitivity to light, create a blurry vision, cause chronic headaches and may even result in a weakened state indefinitely. You may strain your eyes by spending consecutive hours staring at a bright screen, driving, reading, or just spending too much time in brightly lit rooms. In the beginning, you may notice a bit of dryness and aching, but if not addressed soon enough, circumstances can progress rather quickly. Here is how you can revive your tired eyes and prevent eye strain.

Take Periodic Breaks


At some point, our eyes may become so irritated and dry making it difficult to focus and attain clear vision. To prevent your eyes from becoming overly exhausted, you will need to rest them often and take periodic breaks. On average, consider looking away or closing your eyes for at least five to fifteen minutes every hour or so to keep your eyes in good condition. Consider the 20-20-20 method. After staring at something for twenty minutes straight, step away and focus in on an object sitting twenty feet away from you for twenty seconds. If you are unable to step away from the computer or whatever device you may be working on, try blinking more often. When we blink, our eyes naturally rehydrate themselves using the natural oils and mucous secretions from within our bodies. You can also strengthen your ocular muscles by rotating them in circles with your eyelids shut.

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