Pregnancy Conditions To Be Aware Of

As soon as a pregnancy test reads positive, there’s a level of excitement that cannot be matched. Although bringing life into this world is exciting, the nine months of pregnancy can also be worrisome and frightening. It’s important to be aware of possible complications so that you can better protect you and your unborn baby. If you suspect any of the following 10 complications, seek medical attention immediately.



Anemia is fairly common within the western world, as a low red blood cell count can cause a number of symptoms. Although pregnancy influences an increase in red blood cell mass, there’s also a greater increase of blood plasma, resulting in possible anemia. This can leave you feeling extra sluggish and run-down, but no need to worry. In most cases, you simply need to increase your intake of iron. Discuss the potential cause of your anemia symptoms and create a plan that protects both you and your unborn child. If you are vegetarian or vegan, for instance, it’s important that you’re consuming enough iron, protein, and B-complex vitamins.