Lies That Will Ruin Your Relationship

Finally in a great relationship and afraid of blowing it? Being dishonest is a surefire way to ruin any relationship. We are not talking about little white lies that someone may tell to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings. We are talking about lies an individual can tell their partner and lies they tell themselves. Reveal the most common lies that will ruin any relationship now.

“I Don’t Know That Person.”


Lying about one’s relationships with other individuals paints the word “guilty” across their forehead. An individual can act differently towards strangers than they usually do towards others they know. While some others will act awkward around individuals they pretend that they do not know. For those in a relationship, they should come clean and mention the context in which they know others. Statements such as “she hits on me at work,” or “I went on a date with him before I met you,” are not very detailed or revealing, but let one’s partner know that they are not hiding anything. If one partner is worried about jealousy, they should keep in mind that lying will only make it worse.

Next, reveal another common lie that many of us may be guilty of doing.