Mistakes To Avoid During Pregnancy

You may know what your eating habits should be, how much you should be exercising and other aspects of a healthy pregnancy, but there may be some finer details you’re not aware of. There are common mistakes that first-time mothers make due to lack of knowledge. It’s not too late to rectify whatever mistakes you’ve made and create a smooth path for your pregnancy.

Not Eating Enough Daily

Healthy pregnancy eating

Previous to pregnancy, your daily caloric intake should be from 1,800 to 2,000 calories. When you become pregnant, you’ll need about 300 more calories daily to ensure the fetus grows and develops properly. Many women assume you need to eat double the amount of calories daily but this is counterproductive to the health of your baby.

Gaining an excess of weight while you’re pregnant puts you at risk for gestational diabetes or preeclampsia which can force a C-section during delivery. It also puts you at risk for other health issues after delivery. It’s better to stick to three portion of nutritious foods daily such as fruit, green stocks, raw vegetables, nuts and eggs. Stay hydrated to ensure that hunger pangs are held at bay.