Changing Your Mind After A Vasectomy, Can You Go Back?

A vasectomy is a standard medical procedure among men who no longer wish to be able to have children. It is performed every day in the United States and across the world and is a relatively safe and affordable procedure. However, there is a subset of men who undergo the process and in months or years gain the desire to reverse their decision. Is this possible? Is there the ability to create life after a vasectomy? Yes- but with a few conditions and more time and effort to do so.

What A Vasectomy Physically Means


Vasectomies are popular among men as a form of birth control. There is even a World Vasectomy Day that is celebrated yearly in November. It is meant to be an empowering day for men while bringing awareness to what a vasectomy means and create informed conversations around the topic. To begin, one should understand what physically happens during a vasectomy and what this means for their ability to reverse it. A vasectomy can be approached from several different procedures, but the result is the vas deferens tubes in the male genitalia are cut and sealed, preventing sperm from entering the semen when a man ejaculates. This process is meant to be a permanent form of sterilization.