Changing Your Mind After A Vasectomy, Can You Go Back?

Other Options

If the vasectomy reversal procedure is not an option or was unsuccessful, there are additional options available for patients looking to have children after the fact. If a male patient chose sperm banking before undergoing the initial vasectomy, this sperm could be used to attempt an in-vitro pregnancy. If he did not, many couples still try surgical sperm retrieval from the man, sperm donors combined with in-vitro fertilization, egg donors, surrogates, fostering and adoption. The inability to reverse a vasectomy does not mean the end of a loving and rewarding family; it simply means an additional challenge to ensure each patient gets exactly what he wants out of life despite a setback. Luckily, the modern world has many, many options for reversing a vasectomy or choosing what to do afterward to grow one's family.

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