Changing Your Mind After A Vasectomy, Can You Go Back?

Before Vasectomy, Consider Sperm Banking Or Alternatives

If a patient is considering a vasectomy, it is best to consider the options carefully before proceeding. A vasectomy is not guaranteed to be reversible, and it is possible that lifestyle changes and other factors may cause a patient to regret their decision later in life. There are many options to consider before moving forward with a vasectomy. A male patient may wish to consider sperm banking before he goes under the knife for a vasectomy procedure. Sperm banking is the process of saving the male sperm and freezing it, preserving the sperm for potential future use to impregnate a woman and have additional children. Sperm banking is an ever-growing option as there are many other contraceptive procedures available today. These include having one's tubes tied (for females), IUDs, implants, patches, and condoms.

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