Causes Of Diaper Rash

Babies are sensitive to their surroundings due to the introduction of many new external factors that they are exposed to. Being in the mother’s womb has protected them from the outside world; thus, making their skin vulnerable to many things. One common condition that babies develop is diaper rash. Diaper rash is a condition where the skin, usually around the buttocks, becomes red, irritated and inflamed. There are numerous reasons why diaper rash occurs and can range from skin sensitivity and infections to new foods being introduced into the infant’s diet. Uncover the common causes of diaper rash to help prevent it from happening to your baby now. 

Sensitive Skin

Seventh Generation

Babies have extremely delicate skin that can react to many conditions that they are exposed to. Especially in the first year, they can be susceptible to a lot of skin irritation. Urine and poop filled diapers can easily cause a diaper rash. When a baby sleeps at night, they stay in their dirty diapers longer and is prone to develop an irritated bottom. Diarrhea can also cause the skin to become inflamed due to the acidic content found in the stool. These factors significantly affect the already sensitive state of the baby’s skin. The use of Huggies extra absorbent diapers can drastically reduce the chances of diaper rash. Frequent diaper changes can also keep the baby’s skin dry and free from rashes.