Causes Of Diaper Rash

Chafing And Rubbing From Diapers And Clothing


If a baby squirms and fusses frequently, it could be due to clothes or diapers chafing and rubbing uncomfortably on their body. If they are unusually uncomfortable during a diaper change, they could have diaper rash. The rash is usually red skin found around the buttocks, thighs, or genital areas. It can cause pain and discomfort if clothes and diapers rub against the already irritated skin. To alleviate this issue, put the diaper on loosely to prevent further chafing. Avoid any tight fitting and constricting clothing until the skin has healed. Use rapid relief diaper rash, fragrance-free cream. If possible, let the baby go without a diaper for a few hours at a time to give the agitated skin a chance to breathe. It is essential to allow the affected area to dry up as the friction from the clothes and diapers can cause excessive moisture, as moisture can exacerbate the diaper rash.

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