Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Experiencing certain aches and ailments that have made you anxious about the next nine months? While a pregnancy test can help confirm pregnancy with high certainty, your body is the first line of response when it comes to letting you know if you are expecting a bundle of joy. As it is poor judgment to treat one symptom as proof, consider each sign individually, and if you have experienced at least three, it may be time for serious planning. The sooner you determine if you are pregnant, the better you can prepare.

Sore Breasts


Sore breasts are a common problem for new and expectant mothers, and this symptom can arise as early as one to two weeks after conception. As for the reason why you may experience tenderness in your breasts when pregnant, it has to do with hormonal changes in your body. Your breasts are preparing for their future job as the supplying nourishment for your child. This hormonal shift can lead to darkening of the nipples or areolae, and an increase in breast size. The good news is this pain and tenderness is fleeting, and it will typically subside after a few weeks, as your body will have adjusted to the hormonal changes.

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